Tuesday, May 3

shahfi'in piin :p

fiin.. this is your caption :D
ko nak sgt en.. then read :p u are such an annoying boy.. serious ko bising gler.. but actually nice knowing u..
k this is my friend yg slalu temankan saya buat hw tgah malam .. mmg x r dia teman kat my house.. melalui skype sudah..k aku mmg x tau nak tulis apa pasal ko.. so jgn la marah.. ohh !! yg pasal that girl tu.. ko sabar je la ek.. btw thanks for being my friends.. and kongsi OUR secrets.. lol haha that's all i think.. make the friendship last long kay :D

boboi :p

Wouldn't It be The Perfect ♥ Crime If I Stole Your Heart And You Stole Mine? =)