Saturday, May 14


so what happen on this date? wanna know? of course freedom babehhh <3 oh come on.. just mid year.. PMR kan blom lagi.. sabar ek.. not the real freedom.. but pre-freedom.. lol :D k exam ends.. myra gave me her vampire stuff.. i watched that like whole day.. seriously lgi best dri twilight.. so myra u are responsible for my addicted stuff right now.. urghh!! can't stop watching this.. monday please be fast.. i want the next episodes.. kay.. stop babbling..

i love DAMON and STEFAN <3

so from left is STEFAN then DAMON <3
ohmaigowdd !! i just love damon.. he's hot..
k la that's it..

Wouldn't It be The Perfect ♥ Crime If I Stole Your Heart And You Stole Mine? =)