Wednesday, May 18

K-POP :p

so today just wanna say that to all people who love k-pop separuh mati tu..
take a look at this..
ur love to k-pop was ruined by all this m-pop thingy..
dah nama pun korean pop.. meaning korean je la.. 
ni x malaysia pun sibuk gak nak tgok.. 
ish !!
so? what do u feel when u see this annoyed group so called 24:7 tiru super junior yg gempak ni .
this will happen -.-

super junior <3
and suddenly appear m-pop yg nak tiru -.-

kumpulan 24:7 

next is ~~
what do u feel when this gorgeous girls of girls generation ..
tetiba bertukar jadi m-pop which is called gula gula..
sucks mannn
please don't spoil the mood of k-pop in malaysia :p

girls generation <3

turn into this gula gula ..
shoott :*

gula-gula .. suckss -.-
so that's it bout the post..
just nak tanya are't they have nothing to do..
x yah nak tiru2..
go n do something new.. yg blom pernah org buat..
come on !!

k bai 

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