Friday, April 22

kempen ! kempen !

so our school is going to do this activity so called pilihan raya..
nak pilih wakil pelajar tingkatan 3..
so the whole class calonkan *tetttttt
tunggu la penamaan calon..
so this parti dinamakan PARTI SADO
sado means = haa pergi search sndiri
so.. just vote us..
and af course a bit of rasuah baru mng..
bhahaha *evil laugh
so vote for this parti and u'll get to see smething new in this school
our menifesto..
what we're gonna do if we win?
just wait and see the different..
cehh~~ ayat x bleh bla..
so just nak promote..
our logo dah siap.. credits to nyna
so don't forget to vote :)

that's all


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