Wednesday, March 16

imma blurrrrrr

What’s up people!! Errrr??? Ok just wanna tell ya ‘imma rocketeer’ .. ok ok !!! I know i’m copycat someone.. yeah and it’ rayma.. she always says this in her last lasssssssstttttttt post.. rocketeer?? I was like what the hell is she talking about.. with spongebob there in the pic.. ermmm.. I think I’m just like blur that time.. that’s why I can’t get it.. ohh~~~ maybe la… -.-‘ sorry derr…

Ok so what for the time being?? Let us go for youtube.. u guys should go and check out about this two guys..  ‘matluthfi90’ and ‘inianwarhadi’ .. their videos are like funny and superb..  I can’t stop laughing seeing those videos.. and I like their eng..

Ok then let’s talk about my friend of the week..  err?? I mean this are the friend I met and talk to for only this week… first is of course this girl à NORFAZLEEN… with her.. I just need to hear her problem and about this girl caller ‘GEDIKK”.. ok that is what she call that girl.. next is àARIEF.. this boy I met in PN.. bro long time no see -.-‘.. urghh!! Eventhough x jumpa dia still akan call me… for no reason.. just kacau and talk about someone… kan arip kan????? Ok I’m soooo lazy to talk about everyone I met this week.. so make it this is the lastttt one àAARON.. errrr?? This boy is annoying .. urghh!!!! Keje dia is paksa org dtg tusyen and kasi dia TMC … WTH!!! Buat la sendiri broo… wa malas la en nak kasi keje sek wa kat lu… nnti tiap kali cuti lu dtg plak minx kat wa.. susah hidup broo… and 1 mre thing … fazleennnn… I still remember what u told me last Tuesday…  aku still x caya do… maybe life dia org mmg dah biasa buat mcm tu kut.. oh oh.. lastly !! tadi terserempak ngan zarul kat desa pandan.. dia baru balik dari kem.. haaa yg tu lawak :D

Ermm.. ok  I think I’ve talk a lot rite?? And x best pun post ni…. =.=’’’ baca je la k.. sabor je la !!!

k la bubai <3


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