Tuesday, November 16

omegle ♥♥

nyna !
kalau ko x ajar aku pakai omegle mesti aku tak jumpa dia.
dah la dia tu superb cute ~~
just get to know my new pen pal just now .
he's from Korea..
btul la org ckp korean cannot speak english well .
mmg terbukti taw..
then chit chat with him .
his name Jeon In Ho .
nice name huh?
then he gave me his picture .
his email .
and he said every Friday he'll mail me..

and of corse la for my safety =)

i didn't give my real name .
i didn't give my real age .
i didn't give my real country .
i didn't give my real mail .
sng cter sume nya tipu la .
pity you  babe .
being cheat by a girl name Bella from Chicago .
wkawka .

♥♥ Jeon In Ho ♥♥

Wouldn't It be The Perfect ♥ Crime If I Stole Your Heart And You Stole Mine? =)