Friday, October 22


today?? bored day...

first period is english.. pn roslina?? a boring teacher.. choral speaking lg.. ada ke dia ckp 'hey guys.. wanna know ? thiss iss BULLSHIT!!' i was like perlu ke dia ckp mcm tu.. kelas 2C lg kesian their script free2 je kena rubbish. dah r competition is on monday.. WTH!

second period... agama.. haaa.. lg la.. ustaz bad mood.. ntah kenapa sume cikgu rini badmood... i really don't understand...

then rehat.. we just sit in the canteen.. gossiping... wkawka..

recess finishes and here comes BM.. pn asmahan.. lg la.. keja dia is like OMG!! bnyk gler.. tpi kita org 'dah biasa dah'.. eh!! mcm ayat azizah je.. wkawka..

lastly iz geo.. perlu ke blajar cikgu.. awww :( but we finish the last chap... haha :)

homework??   ermmmmm let's not talk about hmework..

school ends!!! and i stay untill 3... *perrrggghhhh lama gler tu.. 3 jam
stay 4 what?? of corse la that choral speaking.. dah la tadi kena free2 je bullshit.. lalalala
and wanna know smething?? we do it quite OK la then before.. happy :) at last we did it.. but.. WITHOUT THE BOYS.. luckily afiq nek n elvind ada.. amat berguna n quite important stuff 4 this monday..

3 o'clock~~
it's time to go home.. n i met ili.. hahah.. then my mom send her home..
so till then...

SyAmImI <3
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